Review of Revolutionary Industrial IoT (IIoT) Platforms for 2021

In October 2020, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform was released. Gartner summarizes the industrial IoT platform as “a set of integrated software capabilities to improve asset management decision making and operational visibility and control over factories, infrastructure and equipment.”

These capabilities extend to improve asset management decision-making, as well as operational awareness and control of factories, shutdowns, infrastructure and equipment in high-asset industries. .

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As the market abounds with the IIoT’s ability to extract value from data, cut costs, improve tasks, and present new action plans, experts suggest organizations look for a platform who takes the time to explore. They also propose to focus on clear cases and results of use in industry.

With a large volume of platform options for industrial enterprises, here are some of the best IIoT platforms for 2021 to make choosing your IIoT platform easier.

Altizon Datonis

Altizon offers an industrial IoT platform that combines real-time analytics, device management and machine learning capabilities. The platform can be presented in any cloud or on-premises framework, and it tends to be facilitated in the cloud as a multi-tenant platform as a service.

The platform is complemented by Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence, a data lake manager that comes with modules for analyzing productivity and digital twins, among other things.

Braincube (Braincube)

PoC with Braincube shed light on the power of ML and the collapse of time information in a complex production environment. Data cleansing tools are instincts and breakthroughs, which really makes them stand out in the market.

They also offer simple, clean data exports to standard applications (eg Excel). The worldwide deployment of Braincube has brought difficulties for both parties (unforeseen); However, Braincube has held firm with the expansion of its internal workforce and customer service.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of IoT services spanning everything from connectivity and utility management to analytics and IT. Er800, AWS strengthens the freertos real-time operating system for microcontrollers while providing additional programming of its own devices, AWS IoT Greengrass, which provides AWS capabilities for computing, analysis, management and storage of on-board peripherals for local processing in near real time.

Azure IoT

Microsoft’s capabilities have made it easy for manufacturers to accumulate huge amounts of specialty industrial machine data, process it at the limit of real-time alarms, and move to the cloud for analysis in PowerBI. Manufacturing companies were able to prepare to act quickly on past projects, where they put everything together without preparation.

Flutura Cerebra

Flutura separates its Cerebra platform from nano applications, providing artificial intelligence solutions for clear use cases and specific types of tools. The platform is built around two goals: resource availability and operational level – with particular attention to oil and gas, specialty chemicals and large machinery industries for connected applications and operating assets.

PTC ThingWorx

It stands out among other industrial IoT platforms in the market. It provides consistent capabilities to configure and talk about the number of connected devices in the system. Companies can also increase the number of machines / sensors connected in their industrial equipment by breaking down previously connected devices.

Its use is much simpler with an inviting / adapted interface that reduces configuration time and enables devices connected in our IoT network.

Hitachi Vantara Lumada

Hitachi Vantara’s Lumada platform focuses on resource-driven businesses, such as energy and utilities, transportation and assembly. The strengths of the platform combine secure connectivity for OT gates, IT systems and business applications, automated data management from the fringe to the cloud, historians, editorial platform services powered by the cloud, advanced analytics and AI capabilities for specific use cases, dual digital models that integrate computational data and ot, and more.

Oracle Cloud IoT

Organizations using Oracle IoT Cloud are particularly pleased with the technical characteristics of the platform as well as the ability to monitor high information from production sensors. It offers ideal integration with production performance systems. The development team works by listening to the “voice” of the customer for suggestions and ideas. This pushes the platform to improve quickly.

IBM Watson IoT

IBM’s Watson IoT platform is a fully managed cloud storage service that combines device connectivity, recording and control capabilities with rapid data visualization and storage. The platform emphasizes analytics and APIs that can enable real-time analysis of information from machines and frames, be it text, speech, sentiment. social or video. Security and management features that combine the ability to manage applications and devices are dependent on usage patterns and performance and abnormal detection.

AG Cumulocity

AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform programming provides the capabilities for visualization, connectivity, edge processing, device management, product development, and application integration. For connectivity, the platform takes different approaches to connect to devices and assets.

This combines Cloud Fieldbus, which is used to connect and monitor industrial resources with conventions such as Modbus and OPC UA as well as observe the status of these assets and collect historical information.

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